About the Conference

Assertive Advocacy

Our theme: "Assertive Advocacy"

Youth Workers are vigorous when comes to advocacy for young people: persistent, energetic, convincing, even charming when it’s called for.

Practitioners act on behalf of their clients to connect them to needed services, make resources accessible, or create new opportunities.

Youth Workers advocate to ensure young people‘s voices are heard when decisions are being made about them, or when issues are important to them.

Advocacy can also occur in the family or school setting, with the youth worker mediating to create connections in place of conflict.

Client-centred advocacy is a distinct and crucial part of Youth AOD work. However, sometimes practitioners may become frustrated at the political, structural, and global conditions that create and reinforce the marginalisation of young people.

Many youth workers engage in activism and advocacy for change at these other levels in their work and personal lives, and are motivated by social justice values.

This conference seeks to advance practice by strengthening knowledge and skills in advocacy, and developing understanding of how change occurs at social and structural levels.

Be inspired to work for change in Australian society, and increase your confidence in fighting for the rights of young people.

Australian Youth AOD Conference

This is Australia’s only conference dedicated to Youth Alcohol other Drugs (AOD) work, and the only sector-wide practice development opportunity for Youth AOD in Victoria.

This is not a ‘typical’ conference. It’s more like an intensive 2-day learning and practice advancement experience.

We give youth workers the opportunity to learn about new and emerging ideas, and a chance to ‘step back’ from the work for a couple of days and look at the bigger picture.

The workshops provide the opportunity to examine a new area of practice, or look more deeply at a topic, and build skills.

It is the rare opportunity to meet the people who are our colleagues, form connections without the urgency of a referral, and create a more cohesive sector to better respond to the need of young people.

Our Venue! 

August 16-17, 2018

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